Sri Lanka Travel Guides Ready!

Sri Lanka Travel Guides Ready!

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Fresh off the press: Sri Lanka guides

I’ve compiled some of the most helpful (hopefully) impressions on the beautiful country of Sri Lanka, including some flaghip destinations, done in our own slow travel way and suitable for low budgets. Though we also spent a day in Negombo, we didn’t get to experience much of it, as it was mainly just to relax after a long flight with an 11-hour layover in Doha. The destinations we visited and prepared our Sri Lanka guides on were:

Check each of the three Sri Lanka guides for info on accommodation, activities, food, vibe and more, including an overview of a popular train route across the island’s middle!

Honorable Mention: Negombo

It might be helpful to mention that Negombo, a small town close to the international airport in Colombo, does not offer that much to see and do. So in case you’re thinking of making Negombo a stop on your trip, you’ll be fine with just a brief stopover. Though there is a beach, you will find better options for lazing around in the two beach destinations mentioned above, or at the beaches on the southern coast. However, Negombo is close to the airport and it has frequent connections to Colombo via buses, which cost around 130 LKR. Be aware, though, that if you’re traveling with a big backpack, you might have to pay an extra seat for the bag if going with an A/C bus, as there is no storage on these buses.

A canal in Negombo, Sri Lanka
One of the canals in Negombo – looks nice from afar.

In terms of sightseeing, you can see many, many Catholic churches, as there was a strong Catholic missionary presence in Negombo in the past. It’s a relatively quiet town, with a somewhat rugged beach, in parts very dirty and harsh. There is no shortage of rough corners, with plenty of trash and some homelessness. But I wouldn’t rule out that Negombo can clean up nice – we just haven’t been to those parts. There are some beachy resorts and homestays as well, but since prioritized other destinations, we didn’t want to spend too much time in Negombo and therefoe potentially miss out on nicer beaches.

St. Mary's Church in Negombo
One of the most revered churches in Negombo – St. Mary’s Church

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