Malaysia Travel Guide for Slow Travelers

Located in the southern tip of the Thailand peninsula, this country is a true treat for anyone who appreciates history and cultural and culinary diversity. Kuala Lumpur is one of the biggest hubs in Southeast Asia (and, typically, the cheapest), so there’s no wonder so many people visit not only the big cities, but also the many gorgeous islands off of either coast. This introductory Malaysia travel guide will give you a quick overview and links to further destinations and resources.

Currency and Price Level

Malaysia uses the Ringgit, which goes at a rate of about 5 to one Euro, give or take. When it comes to accommodation, I can currently only comment on bigger cities, where hostel beds go for about 10-15 Euro for simple but clean guesthouse, or starting from 25 Euro for a private room. So, while not as cheap as Indonesia, you won’t cry at the end of the day when you open your wallet. Food ranges from 3 Euro to open end, but the profusion of hawker markets makes it easy to stick to lower budgets and still get very fresh and very tasty food and drinks.

Destinations Visited

I would absolutely love to visit again expand on the Malaysia travel advice by getting to know the regions outside the big cities. Alas, so far, we’ve only had the chance to visit two areas, which are described below. Click through and read on about each one, with experience-based info on guesthouses and accommodation in general, things to do, and more. Browse the locations we visited during the making of our Malaysia travel guide for details on accommodation, food, culture and sights.


Georgetown is the capital of Penang, a separate administrative area off the coast of Butterworth. Just a quick ferry ride from the mainland, this UNESCO heritage site is full of gorgeous vistas thanks to its unique architecture. Foodies will get into their element with the rich and diverse food culture – a truly one of a kind in Malaysia. Curious to find out more? Then take a look at our tips for a Georgetown adventure on a budget!

Kuala Lumpur

This bustling metropolis is more than just a busy city! Check out our Kuala Lumpur travel guide includes exploring hidden alleys and bouncing around Chinatown, to recharging in one of the beautiful parks and gardens, or getting carried away by local cuisine in food courts and street markets.

Infrastructure and Getting Around

Since there’s a steady influx of visitors bleeding over from Thailand on their way to Singapore, as well as a steady movement of Malaysians across the peninsula, there is solid infrastructure in place. Getting to Kuala Lumpur, for instance is very easy and extremely comfortable via deluxe long distance buses, or you can opt for the railway system. Apart from the hubs of KL, Malaka or Penang, there are other regional airport to fly into as well.